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Henan Mingmei Magnesium Technology Co., Ltd. was established in February 2012, is located in Hebi,Henan. The area is 74000 sq.m. Company has technical cooperation with Jilin University and other universities. Established the Hebi magnesium alloy sheet Engineering Technology Research Center and the Jilin University Hebi magnesium Alloy R&D pilot base for technical research to optimize the composition of magnesium alloy design. Development and production of new high strength and toughness cast magnesium alloy bar, high (Super) plastic magnesium alloy sheet, high strength and toughness magnesium alloy extrusion profiles, pipe and high-performance magnesium wire and other products.

The company has built 3 workshops and 1 research building. The total construction area of ​​more than 20,000 sq. m has been put into use.  R&D of magnesium thin-sheet continuous casting rolling equipment and 3 sets of finishing rolling equipment, 4 semi-continuous casting production lines. And also magnesium alloy extrusion, testing, terminal deep-processing equipment more than 60 units (sets).
North America Mingmei Magnesium International Co., Ltd. was established in Atlanta, U.S in 2015, its further expanding Mingmei’s market share in the foreign markets, enhancing its international competitiveness and become "internationalize".