Mg wire

Mg wire

author:Mingmei Tech Time:2015-11-26


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High-performance universal magnesium wire


Magnesium alloy wire is used to solve a variety of deformed magnesium alloy and casting magnesium alloy welding. There are common in AZ31, AZ61, AZ91D, and other magnesium alloy wire grades. It is used in fields of outdoor supplies, auto parts, bicycles, and aerospace.
Today, magnesium welding conditions are harsh because of conventional magnesium alloy wire must be exactly the same wire with base metal. Mingmei’s high-performance Universal magnesium wire performance is good, also can achieve different grades of magnesium alloy, cast and extrusion profiles (pipe) compatible welding. This universal magnesium wire provide excellent welding performance, better compatibility and small thermal effect area. Therefore, it provide quality assurance for the magnesium alloy welding.
vEnterprise brand MM31, can welding of AZ31,AZ50, AZ61.
vEnterprise brand MM51, can welding of AZ50,AZ80, AZ91.