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Chinese magnesium Fair ---- better tomorrow

Author:Mingmei Tech Time:2015-12-08


6th China (Hebi) Magnesium application of new products and technology exposition on September 10 as scheduled. Henan Ming Magnesium Magnesium Technology Co., Ltd. as delegates, Wang Hong, president interviewed by far Hebi television reporter.


On the show, the company also showcased the latest initiative of the "second generation Free paring magnesium alloy rods." In May this year, the company pioneered the magnesium alloy bar Free paring technology, not only to solve the problem easily oxidized magnesium alloy, thereby reducing the 20% material loss, and our products are not only free paring so simple, magnesium alloy hexagonal three-dimensional crystal structure, larger molecules, low density, traditional magnesium alloy products must be heated to change shape. Through our technological innovation, product can be directly cold-formed, not only toughness stronger, and higher strength. Magnesium alloy can greatly expand sports equipment, rail transportation, aerospace and other fields of application.



The new high-toughness magnesium alloy extrusion profiles, pipes

In addition, the company also exhibited a variety of exclusive weldable grades of generic magnesium wire and high toughness magnesium alloy sheet. Magnesium alloy wire is used to solve a variety of wrought magnesium alloys and cast magnesium alloys used in maintenance, mainly used to solve common welding AZ31, AZ61, AZ91, AZ93 magnesium and other alloys. We broke the conventional magnesium alloy wire welding single grade for grade, can be common welding wire of various grades, not only excellent welding performance, and a small heat-affected zone.

High toughness magnesium alloy sheet main digital 3C products provide housing, not only to provide superior protection against electromagnetic role, while magnesium alloy casing can fully absorb the frequency exceeds 100db of electromagnetic interference. Our new high-toughness excellent rolling properties of magnesium alloy, after components optimized for a wrought magnesium alloy, such as magnesium alloy sheet.



The new magnesium alloy superplastic alloy components break through the shackles of traditional design theory, to achieve a magnesium alloy grain size and shape of the second phase of the regulation, successfully developed a new type of high toughness superplastic magnesium alloy, its room temperature tensile strength ≥360 MPa, yield strength ≥260 MPa, elongation of ≥15%, more than some commercial aluminum performance indicators; LTSP magnesium alloy tensile strain ≥100%, temperature tensile strain ≥735%, has far exceeded the plasticity index of aluminum alloy, has a strong molded plastic deformation and processing capacity, is a major breakthrough in the bottleneck of magnesium alloy plasticity of this worldwide problem.

The Chinese magnesium Fair attracted exhibitors carry guests from all over the country, there are military industrial groups, experts and scholars, there are upstream and downstream industry chain, business representatives, have in common is they are all bright new high toughness magnesium magnesium alloy exhibits a great deal of interest.


 Giant Bicycle communicate with Wang, general manager and request samplesxw24.jpg

Military Group on behalf of the Ming magnesium products showed great interest)xw25.jpg

Our sales manager is to explain to customers

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