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Ming magnesium strategic partners will be settled in Hebi

Author:Mingmei Tech Time:2015-12-08


King Pictured Wuxi Industrial Design Co., Ltd., chairman Jean-Claude Huan Ming magnesium technology demonstration intelligent ultra-lightweight magnesium alloy bicycle, magnesium alloy ultra-lightweight smart suitcase, magnesium alloy Goodwill senile / disability smart scooter, stroller in a magnesium alloy, Design and Application Prospects magnesium alloy frame, smart sensors, integrated power systems, magnesium alloy home, office, exhibition supplies.

Recently, Wuxi Shangge and 眀 magnesium agreement on science and technology ultra-lightweight magnesium alloy intelligent cycling, Wuxi Wang Huan, chairman Jean-Claude affirmed the high toughness superplastic magnesium alloy magnesium 眀 use of science and technology on the bike, 眀 magnesium Technology
Wang Hong, president appreciate far Shangge Wuxi Industrial Design Co., Ltd. for the design and application prospects of magnesium alloy terminal products, the two companies have become strategic partners handshake.

June 15, magnesium alloy bicycle intelligent investment cooperation talks and the signing ceremony was held in Hebi Guest House, Tianjin Flying Pigeon Vehicle Development Co., Ltd., Wuxi Industrial Design Co., Ltd. is still grid investment and construction joint annual National Economic and Technological Development Zone in Hebi 500,000 units (sets) Smart bicycles and parts magnesium alloy project. Secretary-General of the China Bicycle Association, Guo Wenyu, Beijing Zhongguancun Administrative Office of Strategic Innovation jade cloud cover, as well as the history of China Bicycle Parts Association, Tianjin Bicycle Association, Zhongguancun brand associations and relevant responsible persons, Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor of New attend

Smart magnesium alloy bicycles and parts in Tianjin, one of the project investor Dove Vehicle Development Co., Ltd. is China's bicycle industry leader, but also the new China's first bike brand. Another project investor Wuxi Shangge Industrial Design Co., Ltd. has more than 300 patents and more than a dozen international patents in the field of intelligent transportation, the core technology is the international intelligent power system is the most advanced bicycle drive system. Magnesium alloy bicycles and parts intelligent project jointly invest a total investment of 800 million yuan, in two phases, the first phase investment of 400 million yuan, mainly the production of magnesium alloy smart bike, magnesium alloy elderly smart scooter, lightweight magnesium alloy Smart Travel boxes, stroller magnesium alloy, magnesium alloy frame, smart sensors, integrated power systems. Two investment 400 million yuan, mainly the production of magnesium alloy home, office, exhibition supplies.
After completion, the main business income of 20 billion yuan, 120 million yuan in profits and taxes.

The new history pointed out that after the implementation of the project will bring the city's magnesium alloy die-casting, extrusion, alloy materials production and other related businesses collaborative development, achieved by the industry cluster to cluster development a good pattern of industrial chain, to enhance the city's deep processing of magnesium metal industrial development level and the level of significance.
Hebi municipal government will fully support, development zones and relevant departments to provide quality services for the project and business development, so that the project as early as fall, early start, early results.

At the meeting, Guo Wenyu, jade cloud cover and associations, business executives on the status of bike development, application of magnesium alloy bicycle prospects on a bicycle and other issues in a meeting.

Smart bike bicycle broke the previous design, unique in appearance, texture, function, etc., to achieve lightweight, compact, portable, multi-functional, fashionable and high-tech, to bring security, intelligence The new experience.


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