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General magnesium wire technology products, one of the people of magnesium series ---- weldable vari

Author:Mingmei Tech Time:2015-12-08

Magnesium alloy wire Profile

Magnesium alloy wire is used to solve a variety of wrought magnesium alloy and magnesium alloy casting used in maintenance, the 2010 introduction of mainland China, is mainly used to solve common AZ31, AZ61, ZA91, AZ93 magnesium alloy welding, etc., used for cookware , auto parts, bicycles, aerospace and other fields.

But Ming magnesium magnesium alloy wire technology is no longer a single grade to grade weld, but can be common welding wire of various grades, not only excellent welding performance, and a small heat-affected zone.


(Figure Weimin magnesium production technology of magnesium alloy wire, the wire can be welded magnesium GM variety of brands)

Magnesium alloy wire Characteristics

Special magnesium alloy wire for welding and TIG welding various forged magnesium alloy, cast magnesium alloy welding, for common magnesium alloys have good crack resistance, solder layer may suitable heat treatment.

(Figure Weimin magnesium magnesium alloy welding wire Technology finished)

Advantages of magnesium alloy wire

Advantages: 1 small density, 1/3, its relatively lighter than aluminum, aluminum high strength (tensile strength and density ratio);

2. The fatigue limit is high;

3. can withstand greater impact loads than aluminum;

The good thermal conductivity;

5. Casting good performance;

6. good dimensional stability;

7. easy to recycle;

8. There are good machinability;

9. have good damping properties;

10. The plastic is superior in many aspects than can replace plastics;

11. kerosene, gasoline, mineral oil and alkalis high corrosion resistance and so on.

Magnesium magnesium alloy wire Ming Technology Advantages:

1. Magnesium Technology Ming magnesium welding wire products are available in a variety of grades of magnesium wire, excellent welding performance.

2. Description of magnesium products, heat-affected zone of technology.

Strong product capacity of 30,000 bright cold-formed magnesium technology.



China Magnesium magnesium alloy wire a diagram showing Technology 

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