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So that "Chinese magnesium valley" shine "soul"

Author:Mingmei Tech Time:2015-11-27


Early 1990s, with rich dolomite resources in this unique advantage, the city became the magnesium industry started earlier in the area of ​​primary magnesium refining has become a lot of that era haksong hearts and minds of memory.

The time came in 2015, the magnesium industry has developed to a new stage - metal magnesium deep processing of increasingly close relationship with life, military occurred. Sky plane, train ground, sensitive military radar, and many have magnesium participation. "

In the municipal government attaches great importance to the city has become an important base for China's magnesium processing industry, metal magnesium deep processing industry surging, irresistible: the end of 2014, industrial output value of 7.06 billion yuan, than the "Eleventh Five-Year" at the end of 3.309 billion yuan more than doubled.

Enhanced research strength: magnesium rod casting and rolling thin paring Free

The night of September 7, within the production plant is located in Hebi National Economic and Technological Development Zone in Henan Ming Magnesium Magnesium Technology Co., brightly lit, rumbling sound machine. A root smooth shiny Free paring magnesium alloy bar are continually produced from the pipeline.

In May this year, next pioneered the magnesium alloy magnesium bar Free paring technology to solve the problem easily oxidized magnesium alloy, thereby reducing the 20% material loss, the toughness of the product stronger, higher strength, can greatly expand magnesium alloy Applications sports equipment, rail transportation, aerospace and other fields. A listing on demand, the current business orders have been filled, wait for the "digestion."

Liu Shengli, general manager of the company in an interview said that through cooperation with Jilin University experts, magnesium sheet casting and rolling the latest development has also been successful trial production.

Past the city of "China and the world's largest magnesium (chips, tablets) export processing base and magnesium sacrificial anode series production and processing export base" famous. In recent years, the city has with the China Magnesium Association, Chongqing University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhengzhou University and other associations and institutions of higher learning to establish a strategic partnership, enterprises are also actively carry out multi-technical exchange, the city of magnesium metal greatly enhance the level of deep processing , and constantly promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and promote the application of magnesium scale.

Production capacity building: end products, deep-processing products production capacity

When you walk in the streets of the city Qibin, you may have thought that a vehicle colorful public bike is our local enterprises in Henan beautiful birds car Co. products, because the use of magnesium alloy frame than the same specifications ordinary bicycle light about three kilograms. In fact, many brands of notebook computers, mobile phones and other digital products are used magnesium alloy shell material.

A world leader in the processing capacity of the city, based on the focus more on the end product placed.

In June, alloy intelligent cycling investment cooperation talks and the signing ceremony held in the city of magnesium, Tianjin Flying Pigeon Vehicle Development Co., Ltd., Wuxi Shangge Industrial Design Co., Ltd. will jointly invest in the construction zone in annual output of 500,000 units (sets ) Smart bicycles and parts magnesium alloy project. "Wants to use the brand, it can drive a bike magnesium alloy products form the supply chain." Jean-Claude Wuxi Wang Huan, head of representation.

2014, TU, Matt and other rich deep processing enterprises rapid development, the city of magnesium alloy products production capacity of 100,000 tons, magnesium alloy extrusion, casting and other deep-processed products with an annual capacity of 50,000 tons and above.

The formation of environmental protection and efficient industrial chain: the open energy saving "last kilometer"

Mentioned magnesium industry chain, many industry insiders can come in handy: Dolomite - primary magnesium - purity magnesium, high-quality magnesium, magnesium powder, magnesium shavings - high performance magnesium alloy / magnesium sacrificial anode - magnesium alloy die casting / extrusion - cars, electric cars, bicycles parts - magnesium alloy bicycles, electric cars, small generators and other end products.

After the formation of a complete industrial chain of magnesium, magnesium alloy products manufacturing enterprises in our city for industrial development in more depth thinking. As the 21st century the most promising new materials, the sustainable development of the industry is inseparable from the "blue sky for care."

Traditional metal magnesium smelting technology will produce a lot of waste residue. TU Hebi New Material Technology Co., Ltd. invested a lot of research funds, access to the country's most advanced primary magnesium smelting technology to smelt a low impurity content of the high purity magnesium, compared with the traditional process, saving 20% ​​tons of magnesium, magnesium tons of harmful gases 50% reduction in emissions. Henan East Limited production of high temperature energy-saving materials magnesium slag green ceramic filter ball, can consume magnesium slag waste to achieve economic cycle development of magnesium industry.

Exploration of civil-military integration path: to "Chinese magnesium valley" shine "soul"

Magnesium Expo theme this year is "civil-military integration, Build magnesium Dream", with a focus on the military help in weight magnesium.

Hebi square Dove magnesium in cooperation with the Central South University of Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a high-strength magnesium alloy rods AP-5, is mainly used for torpedo magnesium battery that military supplies. Military enterprises Hytera Hebi days the sea Electronic Information System Co., Ltd. of civilian products such as walkie-talkies, radio and private network communication with the server have been used as components of magnesium alloy products, "magnesium alloy currently seeking to expand military field applications. "the company official said.

Positive move towards the military field, has become the common pursuit of the city's magnesium alloy production enterprises. Ming magnesium, Matt rich companies such as magnesium alloy wire, magnesium alloy heat pipes and other products, also received a military order, and is expected to carry out with each other more in-depth cooperation.

City business to expand military and civilian integration path active exploration, is making "Chinese magnesium valley" shine "soul" to accelerate the process of integration of the development of military and civilian magnesium industry.

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