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Henan Ming magnesium was awarded the "China SME 100"

Author:Mingmei Tech Time:2015-11-27



September 23, 2015, the Ninth China SME Festival was officially opened in Changchun. Government, business elites and experts and scholars gathered in Changchun, to discuss the future development of SMEs.

SMEs in China this year festival theme of "reform, service, promote development, innovation, entrepreneurship, create the future", the activities announced in 2015 China's outstanding innovation for SMEs Case cum Ten Growth Star Enterprise, Innovation hundred enterprises and excellent service units.

Chinese enterprise innovation by a panel of experts selected three trial observations, Henan Ming Magnesium Magnesium Technology Co., Ltd. "The new high-toughness magnesium alloy semi-continuous casting rod" was awarded the "China Top 100 SME innovation." Meanwhile, Henan Ming Magnesium Magnesium Technology Co., Ltd. has been awarded the China Association of SMEs "Chinese SME Innovation Top 100" enterprises, Henan Province is also the only award of this term enterprise.


In July this year, the company through innovative technology and production processes, to produce a peeler Free magnesium alloy rod, magnesium metal material processing to solve a global problem. After the introduction of new production technology, not only can reduce 20% of raw material consumption, and toughness of the product stronger, higher strength, extruded product can be directly cold-formed, thereby further broadening the scope of application of magnesium alloy.

The traditional magnesium alloy rod before further processing required peeling lathe. This is because magnesium is a very active metal element,, very easily oxidized, even magnesium alloy bar, also due to the surface after oxidation thick layer of dark gray, oxides in the curing process is often due to the internal and external cooling at different speeds, causing the bar surface Shu Wen, affect product quality. Magnesium alloy, Germany, Japan and other advanced manufacturing technology also failed to resolve the country's current bar surface oxidation problem.


In addition, the company also developed a good weldability and a small heat-affected zone of common wire, can be welded magnesium alloy variety of brands. With continuous casting and rolling superplasticity tough magnesium alloy sheet with high production, Ming magnesium technology will further expand the market of blue.


General magnesium alloy wire


Superplastic magnesium alloy sheet

The SME Innovation Top 100 entering China, Ming magnesium technology in the future will be more unremitting efforts to open up new areas in magnesium height, to create new value.



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