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Civil-military integration, Build magnesium dream

Author:Mingmei Tech Time:2015-11-27

September 10 to 12, the sixth Chinese magnesium application of new products and technology exposition held in Hebi. Chinese Academy of Engineering, Liu Jiongtian magnesium industry and other well-known scholars, 30 well-known Chinese Academy of Sciences and other research institutions, China Ordnance Group, the Group of Seven central genus military, Boeing (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and other large enterprises at home and abroad a total of more than 260 guests, More than 200 corporate participants. Provincial CPPCC Vice Chairman Jin Suidong attended the opening ceremony.

To travel into space on a satellite spaceship, tank missiles on parade, the aircraft carrier submarine on the ocean, down to the daily life of the car, mobile computers, are inseparable from the application of magnesium products. On the 11th, the sixth Chinese magnesium application of new products and technology exposition held in Henan Hebi City, released 92 new magnesium technology applications, hundreds from the central genus military industrial groups, representatives of military enterprises, research institutes and related businesses bring products exhibition.

The two-day expo magnesium to the "Made in China 2025" that "the development of green manufacturing" and "to promote the development of new materials industry, civil-military integration" requirements for the subject, efforts to promote the application of magnesium alloy, to break through the bottleneck of the development in the military field, and actively create and explore the road of development of military and civilian integration of the domestic magnesium industry.


Expo exhibitors both UAV products, the latest product mock-magnesium alloy shells, missiles and other bulk fuel tanks in the military field applications, but also Boeing aircraft seat bracket, train a large magnesium alloy extrusions, intelligent folding electric bicycles and other civil product.

Bo also held this magnesium alloy magnesium in the field of defense research and application of information in the field of industrial and military integration advancing depth development of the theme report; released, including aerospace high toughness magnesium alloy technology, including the new 92 Item latest technology, most industrial research, while the establishment of Henan Province magnesium industry alliance, magnesium patent start navigation. 16 projects at the meeting, Hebi Industrial Park and other military and civilian integration contract.

Deputy Director of the Department of Industrial Policy Ministry seedlings Changxing said at the meeting, the current exhibition is "civil-military integration, Build magnesium dream" as the theme, importing countries civil-military integration strategy, based on the development of new materials, and promote the application of magnesium in the military field, unlock a new chapter in the development of military and civilian integration magnesium industry. Magnesium industry hope the majority of enterprises, universities, research institutes clinics military units to take this opportunity to promote the use of magnesium alloys in the military field, accelerate the pace of the metal magnesium business to join the army, defense equipment to enhance the level of science and technology for national defense construction the contribution of the new force.

Contributors mailbox: tons, Chinese magnesium production 764,000 tons, accounting for more than 85% of the world. "China is now not only the world's largest magnesium producer, and is the largest producer of magnesium deep processing products, many deep processing products have been exported to Western countries." President of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, the State Department counselor Chen Quan Xun He said that in the beginning of this century, the global magnesium market size of only 40 million tons, to 2014, has reached the megaton huge industry potential. Magnesium Fair is currently set exchanges, seminars, exhibitions and trade talks in one of the industry's premier event. The fair highlights the combination of magnesium in the field of national defense science and technology research with the co-ordinate the integration of military and civilian resources, "This is of great significance to promote industrial development, to build our country into a world power Magnesium."

The participating experts, magnesium is one of the lightest structural metal materials on Earth, with good processing performance, light weight, high strength, renewable, strong shielding and seismic noise reduction performance, and many other fine performance. Magnesium alloy is the metal in practical light metal material, the weight is 2/3 of aluminum, steel 1/4, weight loss is the preferred metal material. For example, a magnesium alloy used in the automotive industry, automobile weight, which reduces fuel consumption, reduce pollution and improve the environment. Since light has the characteristics of magnesium, magnesium products are widely used in the aerospace industry, military, transportation, communications and other fields.

It is understood that the rich mineral resources Hebi magnesium metal, magnesium metal of high quality dolomite reserves of 710 million tons of raw materials, with large reserves, high grade, shallow features. MgO content more than 21 percent on average, impurity elements iron, copper, silicon content is low, suitable for the production of low-manganese, low iron, low silicon purity magnesium, purity can reach 99.98%, in line with magnesium deep processing products of international standards.

Currently, Hebi has the country's only state-level magnesium and magnesium alloy products quality supervision and inspection center, was named China's magnesium processing industry demonstration base of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, is the largest magnesium (chips, tablets) export processing base. Since 2009, Hebi has held for five consecutive Chinese magnesium application of new products and technology exposition, the formation of a brand benefit, attracting Foxconn, TU and other large enterprise groups settled, to promote the local industrial restructuring and upgrading.

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