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Magnesium Magnesium Technology Co., Ltd. Henan Ming overcome technical problems magnesium alloy worl

Author:Mingmei Tech Time:2015-11-27


  When May 25, the reporter went to this hotel in Jinshan Industrial Park, Hebi National Economic and Technological Development Zone of companies interviewed Mr Liu is busy workshop to produce the free test just peeled magnesium alloy bar. He told reporters: "We produce magnesium alloy extruded rods can be directly coupled with the work, but with the traditional technology, the magnesium alloy bar peeling not only first, but will fall 20 percent loss of raw materials."

Why should you peel it? For the reporter's doubts, Mr Liu explained that magnesium is very lively, very easy oxidation discoloration, even magnesium alloy rod, the surface will generate a thick layer of black gray oxide, and an oxide because the curing process inside and outside the cooling rate different, resulting in uneven density, surface Shu Wen, affect product quality. So the traditional magnesium alloy rods before further processing required peeling lathe. Magnesium alloy, Germany, Japan and other advanced manufacturing technology also failed to resolve the country's current bar surface oxidation problem.

"Our products are not only free paring simple." Mr Liu said, picking up a company's magnesium alloy tube, forced to bend into a "U" shape, and then turn their restitution. He explained: "Magnesium alloy is hexagonal crystal structure, larger molecules, low density, traditional magnesium alloy products must be heated to change shape through our technological innovation, product can be directly cold-formed, not only greater toughness, and strength. also simultaneously improved. "

Improve the performance of magnesium alloy, which means broadening the scope of application. As a participant in the first generation of magnesium alloy bicycle research and development, Mr Liu told reporters: "The traditional magnesium alloy bicycle, only the frame and other parts of the magnesium alloy, magnesium alloy easy to break because the characteristics of the handlebar and fork, after the fork still aluminum production required; strength and toughness now resolved the problem, you can use magnesium alloy production handlebar and fork, after the fork, the bicycle will be more portable Similarly, in sports equipment, rail transportation, aerospace and other fields, magnesium alloys. The range of applications can be further broadened. "

All this is how to do? Mr Liu said: "The key is the product formulation and preparation tool." The first is to adjust the ratio of magnesium alloy components, and then use the newly developed tools enable rapid crystallization solution alloy solidification, so to produce magnesium alloy rod crystalline grain from the traditional 300 micron down to 100 microns or less, and therefore better performance, more smooth surface. The whole production process using argon protection against the production process is oxidized.

"The new production process not only reduces a production process, improve the utilization of raw materials and the production of magnesium alloy extrusion mechanized, saving costs while ensuring product quality and stability." Liu Shengli introduction.

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