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Technology Future fly - Ming Magnesium Product Introduction

Author:Mingmei Tech Time:2015-11-27


   Magnesium industry is encouraged by the state industry, a high-tech production and processing of non-ferrous materials category designated country. Henan provincial government "Several Opinions on Accelerating the development of magnesium industry" referred to "hundreds of billions to build Henan magnesium industry base," the Central Plains Economic Zone is also clear: to develop advanced manufacturing, high starting point the development of magnesium alloy plate and strip the Hebi into a "Chinese magnesium valley." In this opportunity, my company in 2012 moved from Zibo City, Shandong Province, Jinshan Industrial Zone in Hebi City, Henan Province. The first phase of 110 acres of land, invest 100 million yuan, has now completed three alloy production lines, two assembly debugging extrusion production lines and put into production, annual output can reach 6000 tons alloy extrusions annual output of 1,500 tons . 0.3-0.5mm wide magnesium alloy sheet while casting and rolling production line will soon put into operation, to achieve annual output of 1,000 tons target. The company alloy production line can produce AZ, AM series magnesium alloy φ90-95mm, φ120-125mm semi-continuous casting rods, φ200mm the following other specifications can be customized casting rod. Extrusion production line can produce φ80mm following extrusion, bar, pipe, sheet metal, the anode, wire and so on.

Existing magnesium alloy tensile strength of 270Mpa, elongation of 3-10%, which restricts the application of magnesium alloy. I am using advanced magnesium alloy component analysis and melting, casting process, adjusting the ratio of magnesium alloy components to improve the production process so that the crystal grains of magnesium alloy rods from the traditional 300 microns down to 100 microns, development and production with independent intellectual property high tensile strength tough magnesium alloy property reaches 360Mpa, yield strength 260Mpa, elongation of 20-23%, the ability to optimize the cold magnesium alloy, further widening the application field of magnesium alloy.

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