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The thinnest shaped mass production of magnesium alloy profiles

Author:Mingmei Tech Time:2015-11-27

Currently, we have produced a thickness of only 0.8 mm shaped magnesium alloy profiles, broadening the application fields. "June 17, Henan Ming Wang Hong far Magnesium Magnesium Technology Co., Ltd. President showcase their new products to reporters," extrusion plant since May formally put into operation two production lines, the production of high-toughness magnesium alloy magnesium alloy billets solve squeeze pressure process can not overcome the difficulties, because of changes in the physical properties of alloy high-toughness magnesium, can not do so before rising shrink tube bending deformation at room temperature to become a reality, to solve the bottleneck of magnesium alloy applications, product performance has been the United States, Sweden, Taiwan, The three companies and the mainland approved a military enterprises, and began quantities. "

National Economic and Technological Development Zone is located in Hebi Ming magnesium company with in-depth cooperation with Jilin University School of Materials Science and Engineering, production of magnesium alloy profiles not only a domestic on the thinness of the most, and in the middle of thick, thin shrink tube ends also allow other companies to catch up on magnesium metal profile processing. "With the military products of this reduction in the middle of the pipe diameter is 24.8 mm, two 17 mm in diameter, can be illustrated by the application of our technology to magnesium alloys play significant role in promoting." Wang Hong Yuan said, "In addition, our future magnesium sheet production of its thickness, width in the country is leading. "

These are already large-scale production of the product. And one more breakthrough technology coming out of the lab, will achieve large-scale production in the next magnesium companies. "The company's partner, Jilin University Professor Wang Huiyuan group after years of efforts, successfully developed a new type of high toughness superplastic magnesium alloy, its room temperature tensile strength, yield strength, elongation than some commercial aluminum performance. Especially exciting that superplastic magnesium alloys in low temperature, temperature tensile capacity has far exceeded the plasticity index of aluminum alloy, with a strong distortion and processing forming ability, it is a major breakthrough in the bottleneck of magnesium alloy plasticity of this worldwide problem. "Wang Hong far expressed.

Leading technology companies have begun to make clear magnesium reputation in the industry. Reporter encountered interview attracted to processing of magnesium alloy profiles of Handan Fengfeng Hai, general manager of magnesium metal processing Ltd. Liuhuai Xi. "Our company's error requirement of magnesium metal rod diameter and length is ± 0.5 mm, to finish requirements are high, the rate in other companies before processing error is large, and finish well." 刘怀熙 he said, "From this section Time and Ming magnesium companies point of view, really well-deserved reputation, product qualification rate is even higher than I expected. "

Just put into the market received good feedback, but also to Wang Hong far more firm investor confidence. Currently, alloy plant three production lines of large equipment has been installed, finishing work in progress, is expected in July to run production, plate and strip workshop is also being constructed being. Production line of large equipment has been installed, the ongoing closure, is expected to run in July, board workshop is also being constructed, and strive to early production.
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