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Magnesium alloy: Die-cast material indispensable good partner

Author:Mingmei Tech Time:2015-11-26

Mentioned alloy die-casting material may first reaction of many people is aluminum, because of its coverage in real life too, but you might not know is: the largest applications of magnesium aluminum alloy additive element, the main purposeIt is to improve the various performance indicators of aluminum die casting, especially corrosion resistance.

According to experts, magnesium alloy die casting both light and hard, good corrosion resistance, easy welding and other surface treatments, it is an important material for the manufacture of aircraft, rockets, boats, vehicles and the like. According to statistics, more than 45 percent each year for adding elements magnesium aluminum, magnesium aluminum alloy as the amount of added elements in China are also high. In addition, magnesium alloy die-casting will be added in zinc, to improve their strength and improve dimensional stability.

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