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"Nanchong made" booster car lightweight magnesium alloy

Author:Mingmei Tech Time:2015-11-26

November 17, located Pengan River Industrial Park, Sichuan Yue Shu magnesium Magnesium Manufacturing Technology Co., one of the busy workshop. Workers will be blank magnesium alloy automotive engine parts, CNC machining centers into polishing process.

"Magnesium alloy mainly used in the production of aerospace, auto parts, military and other product components." According to the company technical personnel, parts quality magnesium alloy material, compared with the traditional model of one-third lighter than aluminum alloy. The main direction of the future development of the industry automotive, energy conservation, energy saving lightweight car is an important tool, but the magnesium alloy material is a material of choice for lightweight vehicles, with the density, specific strength and specific stiffness, damping reduction shock resistance, thermal conductivity, electromagnetic shielding, etc., is currently the lightest metal structural materials.

Currently, the company with Changan Automobile, Beijing Automotive silver Xiang, Shen Zong, Lifan and other known companies have stable relations of cooperation.
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