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Innovative applications of magnesium alloy increasing

Author:Mingmei Tech Time:2015-11-26

Over the past decade, the rapid development of China's magnesium industry, becoming the largest in the world producing magnesium and magnesium big country a major exporter. Whether it is a mobile phone, computer case, or car steering wheel, gearbox housing, the control frame, seat, and then aerospace materials, magnesium and magnesium alloy products have rapidly into people's lives, to become the most value and application development One of the emerging strategic non-ferrous metal prospects.

Magnesium alloy development for China has great strategic significance. Of magnesium ore resources in the world, the development of magnesium alloy help ease China's traditional metal mineral resources crisis. Application of magnesium alloy in civilian areas, to alleviate the energy crisis and reduce pollution, especially to improve the "Made in China" competition has great strategic significance.

Magnesium alloy car wheels: 2014, Shanxi silver Magnesium Magnesium alloy car wheel sales increased three times more than last year, mainly differentiated automotive aftermarket. 2015 is expected to be used in electric passenger vehicle business, magnesium alloy wheels of automobile fuel economy by 15%.

Magnesium alloy seats: Dongfeng Motor hybrid buses using aluminum body of magnesium alloy seats with magnesium profiles were welded parts overall weight by 25.7%.

Wheelchair magnesium alloy skeleton: Manufacturer Gujiao City, Shanxi Province Galaxy Magnesium Co., developed the production of magnesium alloy profiles deep-processing products business, the main production of magnesium alloy wheelchair series, magnesium alloy crutches, stretchers, folding beds, tables and so on. Magnesium alloy frame wheelchair through the EU certification, exported to European markets.

Alkaline magnesium alloy pot: Manufacturer 盛泰来 Electronics Co., Ltd., Beijing Ding, magnesium alloy basic pot weighs 1.3 kg, light enough to neutralize acidic foods, fast heat conduction, the meat row acid to make food more delicious, but also energy for the body to add magnesium ions to combat the disease.

One magnesium alloy bicycle wheels: Magnesium metal manufacturer in Guangzhou Science and Technology Co., Ltd., has been well-known bicycle manufacturers quantities. Its advantage is stability, elasticity and shock absorption are very good, light weight, low carbon and environmental protection.

Magnesium alloy outdoor and leisure products: Zhejiang Taipu Sen has begun mass production of magnesium alloy products in the global sales, obtain consumers. From 2014 to now, the use of such new materials products, exports have exceeded $ 30 million.

Magnesium-air battery: Manufacturers Dalian love magnesium Swiss Battery Co., Ltd., magnesium air batteries use tap water or even water, sewage as an electrolyte, its built-in LED lamp sustainable lighting 90-100 hours, once for 20 smartphones charge. This magnesium-air battery has been used as an emergency power applications in the Sichuan earthquake and the earthquake disaster in Nepal.

In addition, the application of magnesium alloy on 3C products is picking up. Microsoft surface products using magnesium alloy case, brought thousands of tonnes of magnesium extrusion market for Chinese manufacturers. This is a bright spot in recent years magnesium market demand will be expected to maintain a high growth rate.

At the same time, large state enterprises to gradually enter the magnesium industry, will promote increasing magnesium alloy innovative applications. April 30 this year, Baosteel Metal Co., Ltd., Beijing Automotive Co., Ltd. and Beijing Huasheng Rong Magnesium Technology Co., Ltd. signed an agreement to establish a joint venture with Shanghai Bao Yun lightweight materials Technology Co., Ltd. in Shanghai. The company is committed to a magnesium alloy manufacturing business, the target market is the automotive, rail vehicles, aviation, military areas, planned through acquisitions and new factories, the establishment of a number of production bases, becoming the world's leading Magnesium Corporation.

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